Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Goodwin's Conventions of Hip-Hop

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  1. Loving your Prezi skills. Some more images would make it more visually appealing and enable you to demonstrate each of your points clearly.

    Chainz - 3. Give a specific example and include some editing terminology.

    4. Why do they use so many close-ups?

    LUDACRIS - 1. Technical terminology needs including such as mise-en-scene...
    2. Couple more examples would be good.
    3. Technical sound terminology can be used here.
    5. What does this indicate about the artist? Also can you work in the word 'dominance' here?
    6. Why do they do this?

    FKI onwards - to avoid repeating the same points, I'll just now give ideas I haven't already suggested for the two videos above.

    Then add a summary using Goodwin of what you expect from a Hip Hop video. Try and use as much technical terminology as possible!