Monday, 29 October 2012


Does anybody know if I'd be able to use a few really short clips of actors in my music video? They're dead now if that makes a difference... (they're alive in the clips though, don't worry.) But yeah, as I lack appropriate male friends I thought it would be cool to use a few clips/pictures of someone like James Dean or Marlon Brando (when he was young and pretty) because I think they'd look fabulous in my video and they'd fit in really well with the style I'm aiming for. I could use a real life person if I'm not allowed to do this, but I wanted to show the girl in my video being influenced by the behaviour of men she sees in films/on TV/etc. instead of some irrelevant guy in 'real life'. Obviously I wouldn't just film the clips, they'd be playing in the background and the girl in the video would be the main focus of the shot, but I wasn't sure if I could do that so I thought I'd better ask on here. 

Please help me, because I'll cry if you don't and I look even more like a troll when I cry.


  1. Please no crying.

    However, my news is not exactly good (nor is it bad). This is quoted from the OCR (Examining Body) guidance document.

    "All material for all tasks to be produced by the candidates with the exception of non-original sound or image material used in a LIMITED way in video/radio work
    The copyright guidance outlined above applies to all briefs.
    An example of limited use of video and audio would be using a video extract of an explosion and a sound of an explosion. The majority of the video and audio work should be produced by candidates and not be found material."

    So, the short answer is "no", but . . .
    the long answer is "yes, as long as any found footage (taken from elsewhere) is used in a limited way, for some kind of intended stylistic effect, and does not create the impression that you are simply ripping from somebody else to make a cheap mash-up. This restriction is important for two reasons. 1. Copyright infringement issues. 2. It would cheapen the quality of the final piece.

    In terms of copyright, I think you're fine. From what you've explained, it would qualify as "Fair Use" if you are talking about using clips that are only a few seconds long.

    The full OCR guidance document can be found here:

  2. ps. if you want to pursue your idea but are still concerned, we can call the examining body for a definitive answer when we get back from half term break.