Monday, 15 October 2012

One Minute Recreation

This is my one minute recreation for 'Summertime' by Kreayshawn. Unfortunately the clips decided to shrink spontaneously and in my attempt to get them back to normal, they were cropped and zoomed in slightly, so it kind of messed with the different camera angles and shots I used. (Some of the full/wide shots have disappeared due to the zooming/cropping.)

I recreated from 1:23-2:23, I tried to keep as close to the original as possible, but living in the ever cloudy England instead of sunny LA doesn't work too well. Also as the original video features the artist smoking a blunt (NAUGHTY) I decided to cut that bit out and use a piece of silver paper with ripped up leaves in it instead, as I am a master of prop improvisation. Here is the original. Kreayshawn is cute. (and my wife)

And here is my version.. It was really fun to film actually, despite the fact me and my friend Tess kept falling over the twigs. See if you can spot the part where she trips over, tell me in the comments and I'll give you a cookie.

1 comment:

  1. This is fabulous, I enjoy the inventive use of the twig.