Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Cast List

As I have chosen to base my music video around a girl and her relationship, I have chosen against using a large cast in my music video as I felt it would distract from the main character. 

My friend Tess has agreed to be the artist for me, and will be the only character shown in my music video. Despite this, I will portray a second, male character through the use of high angled shots, camera movement, 'spying' shots* and the artist looking directly into the camera. I feel this will work well, as I want to hint at a narrative, but not make it so obvious that nothing is left for the audience to imagine. It's simple to just give the audience a solid storyline- I wanted to create something that would make them think, and interpret it in their own ways. 

*I am unsure of the actual term, but by 'spying' shots I meant a shot in which the artist is obscured by parts of the set/location, (I will use trees) suggesting that somebody is watching her.

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