Saturday, 24 November 2012


This is just a quick blog post to show I have thought about and researched how I will use mise-en-scene in my music video.

Setting: My music video will be shot mostly in different locations around Lee Valley, as the forested parts will fit in nicely with the whole Red Riding Hood theme my chosen song has to it. I also think that some parts of Lee Valley are quite pretty, so there's also that element to it. I'll post some pictures of the locations when I get the chance to go there and take some.

Lighting: I would like there to be a range of high key and moderate lighting, for example I would like some parts to have high key lighting, as I want to give the artist/female character an innocent look. Here are some screen shots from 'Underwater' by Allison Harvard, to show that high key lighting can create the look I am going for. 


Colour: The use of colour in my video will conform to the use of colour in other indie-pop music videos. Typically in videos of this genre there are not many colours used, but there are some elements, whether that be costume, makeup or props, which 'pop' against the dull colours of the setting. Below are examples of this from 'Once' by Diana Vickers, 'My Favourite Game' by The Cardigans and 'Lady Bones' by Magenta Lane. The colour red seems to be the most popular, which works out quite well really, seeing as it fits in with the Red Riding Hood thing.

Costume, Hair and Make Up: Costume is a pretty open element, every artist of the genre I've looked at has worn different things, however the outfits worn are often plain colours with no bold prints or patterns. I will conform to this, as the plain, dull colours used will make the bright pops of colour stand out more. The artist's hair is usually down and 'natural' looking, which again, I will conform to, as I like the simplicity of it and the fact that the artists don't feel the need to look 'overdone' like some mainstream pop artists *cough cough* Lady Gaga. Makeup, like costume, is quite open as it the artist's makeup depends on the song/message of the video. In my video, I will use a range of makeup, for example I will use naturalistic, yet exaggerated eye makeup to make them look all big and innocent, but I will also use the oh-so-lovely named 'heroin chic' look too, to make the artist look kind of crazy and distressed. Here are some examples of the makeup looks I'll be trying out. The first is of a girl who goes by the name of 'LLlunabelle' and is fairly well known on the internet, and the second is of one of the Olsen twins... I'm not sure which one, I think it's Mary-Kate though.

Props: I'm still thinking about the use of props in my video; I haven't yet decided if I am going to use any or not, so I'll add this part in when I know what I'm doing. 

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