Monday, 14 January 2013

Digipak Things

Yeah. This is just a rough sketch I drew on paint when I was thinking about ideas for the front cover of my digipak. obviously it'll look better when I do it for real, but I thought I should post the initial idea. 

As the genre of the song I'm doing is indie-pop, I decided to try out the idea of using a drawing instead of an actual photo, as lots of indie artists use drawings on their own album covers. 

My music video is going to be based around a girl's relationship with a man and her feelings at the start and at the end of the relationship, so I chose to draw the girl before and after, hence the different coloured faces. The red is supposed to symbolise the love and lust she felt at the start of the relationship, whereas the purple symbolises her sadness and loneliness after he left. It's just a concept, I just thought I should post it, 

Also sorry about them being slightly naked. I can't draw clothes. The hair took me ages. Bye. 

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