Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Digipak VS CD Case

CD cases are usually made from a two or three-piece plastic case, which contains the CD (obviously), some form of card or booklet containing information about the artist and the lyrics to the songs on the CD.  

Digipaks have become more popular recently however, as the cardboard material used displays the artwork much better than on a plastic CD case. The use of cardboard also allows the same artwork to continue throughout the digipak, whereas that is not really possible with a traditional CD case, as it relies on printed sheets being stuck onto the plastic. Digipaks contain the same things as normal CD cases, although 4 or 6 sided digipaks allow space for more things, such as related photos, information on the artist. 

Things Digipaks include: 

  • Title of the album
  • Artist name
  • Title of the songs
  • Lyrics to the songs on the album
  • Information on the artist.
  • Continuation of artwork throughout the digipak
  • Label name
  • A Barcode
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