Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Just a little post about how the various drafts of my music video have developed over time and why.

First Draft

This is the first draft of my music video. As you can see, there are massive blank spaces in the video where I thought I'd have enough decent clips to use, but obviously didn't. I also didn't realise that the diegetic sound on the original clips was still audible when I posted the video on YouTube, sorry about that. I asked my family and friends what they thought of the draft and found out that: 
  • They thought some of the lip syncing was a bit out of time.
  • They liked the concept and the 'Red Riding Hood' costume and said it was 'different'. 
  • They thought the camera work in some shots was very shaky.
  • The audio on the original clips was very noticeable at times.
  • The rapid cuts to the shots of the artist crying were confusing- you need to make the change of present to future more obvious.
Second Draft

Here is the second draft of my music video. It is very similar to my first draft, but I have moved some clips around. I added some filters to the 'future' (crying/smudged makeup) scenes to allow people to distinguish between the clips, following my audience feedback from the previous draft.There are still some blank spaces too; I tried to film a conceptual shot involving a white rose and some red food colouring to fill the spaces, addressing the passage of time, but it completely failed. This time I mini interviewed my parents and a few of their friends who were round for dinner (tacos, mm) and scribbled down what they said. I felt like a proper little journalist.

Mum: "It's good so far, but you really need to fill those spaces because they confused your dad. Maybe you could mess around with the lighting of the chorus bit somehow to make it lighter and make Tess look more innocent." 

Dad: "I don't know why there are black bits, are they supposed to be there? I like the shots of the sky, they help show time. Is that blood real? God." 
(I feel I should clarify here that the blood is not real and that I did not rip out the still beating heart of some poor creature for the purposes of this music video. My mum went to tescos and bought some hearts and I made the fake blood using washing up liquid and food colouring.)

Ailsa: "I agree with your mum; is there a way you can change the colours or lighting in the chorus and forest bits? Maybe make them a bit lighter or dream like? I think that would go with your fairytale idea."

Peter: "The bits of your friend crying look really cool, I like the effect. Only thing is that the shots of the sky are a bit slow, especially the instrumental one. And it looked a bit like your friend was falling down a hill in one of the first shots, it was funny but I don't think that's what you're going for, might want to change that."

Third Draft

This is the third draft of my music video. It's changed a fair bit since my second draft; I've changed the clips around following the feedback from my previous draft, as well as added filters to the forest and chorus scenes, and have also slightly altered the 'future' scenes and made them grey-scale. I have also increased the speed of the weather shots and the low angle shot of the tree branches to make it appear more fast paced. It also looks a lot more professional now than it did in the previous drafts. There are still blank spaces though. This time I asked people on Twitter what they thought, here are the results:
  • They liked the fast-motion shots.
  • They thought the filters made the video a lot more interesting and nicer to look at.
  • They suggested I used conceptual shots to fill the spaces.
  • They think the camera work is a lot better since the first draft.
Final Draft

Final draft! In response to my audience feedback, I have used some conceptual and symbolic shots to fill the empty spaces. Here's what they thought:

  • They liked the brief narrative as it allowed them to interpret it their own way and relate to it.
  • They thought the time lapse shots were very effective.
  • They liked the slow motion shot of the rock smashing the apple and felt it contrasted the fast pace of the rest of the video well.
The End, danaaaa! 

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