Sunday, 5 May 2013

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Below is a series of pictures to clearly and efficiently demonstrate the links between my main product and ancillary texts.




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How does my music video effectively sell the album?

The music video helps to sell the digipak in a number of ways. As mentioned in my previous posts, the narrative of the video is very brief, leaving it open to interpretation. This would help to sell the album as my target audience of teenage girls tend to enjoy things they can relate to, and as the narrative is so basic, they can each interpret it in a way which relates to them personally.

The video also portrays the artist in a very modest fashion, e.g, no use of flashy mise-en-scene elements or acknowledgement of 'fame', allowing the audience to view her as being 'down to Earth' and easy to relate to, making her seem more likeable and encouraging sales.

The focus on conceptual and symbolic elements in the music video could also help sell the album, as audience feedback proved these elements were interesting, 'different' and memorable; all of which could help get people talking about the album and boost sales.

How does my poster effectively sell the album?

The way in which the poster links to both the music video and digipak is an obvious way in which it helps sell the album, as these links ensure that the three products are viewed as one whole package, creating that Pokemon 'gotta catch 'em all' attitude. Or more professionally worded: 'if you buy one, you have to buy them all.' 

The date on the poster helps too, the repetition of the number 6 makes the date memorable, allowing the target audience to remember the specific date of the album release and look forwards to it. I know for a fact that when I'm excited about something I'll talk, tweet or blog endlessly about it, like most teenagers, so this would also widen the target audience and help the product sell more effectively.

How does my design of the digipak effectively sell the album?

Again, the links between the digipak, poster and music video is a key element here to encourage people to buy the product, as previously mentioned in this post. 

Another way the digipak design helps sell the product is through the way I designed it specifically to attract my target audience. For example, the genre is 'indie-pop', so I conformed to conventions of both pop and indie digipak/album designs. For example, the use of the colour red against a neutral background is a convention of the indie genre, and the use of bright colours is specific to the pop genre, hence the brightly coloured pink and red roses. The bright pops of colour also draw eyes to the digipak, regardless of if they are a fan of the genre or not, which could also encourage sales.

The symbolic clock drawing and heart photo would also help to sell the digipak, as the 'quirky'  imagery would appeal to an indie audience, as well as intrigue other people and make for a more memorable and interesting product. 

All in all, I feel the combination of my main product and ancillary texts was very effective, as the links between them and the way in which they were each specifically designed to attract my intended target audience help make the products memorable and interesting, meaning that they work well together and would sell well. 

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