Sunday, 5 May 2013

I've been doing coursework all day and yet I haven't actually done anything. I don't know how I've managed that, but now it's getting to the time of night normal people start winding down and getting ready for bed, I'm full of ~inspiration~ and motivation to do some work. I'd say I was nocturnal, but I don't sleep during the day either. YOU'RE NOTTTTTTTT, GETTING ANY SLEEEEEEEP TONIGHTTTTTTT says my coursework to me. That's a lie, it's an Enter Shikari song. They were a ~sick ting~ back in the day when I wore too much eye liner and backcombed my hair to the point where it was so big and fluffy it doubled as a shelter for the homeless.

I've gone way off topic,okay, I'm going to do some work now.

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